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Frequently Asked Questions

A few questions you might have...

Is property styling worth it?

Professional property styling is a proven way to increase your sale price. It's widely accepted that the return on investment is at least 10 times the styling cost, a relatively small outlay for a big result. Our average styling package costs $5,500, potentially adding $55,000 to your sale price. Our stylists are experienced and skilled at using various strategies to enhance the appeal of your property and attract interest from as many potential buyers as possible. Agents from all around Sydney recommend our services because they know we deliver results.

How much does property styling cost? 

All our styling packages are determined on an individual basis depending on the furniture and accessories your property requires. The following prices can be used as a guide.

1 Bedroom property from $3,000

2 Bedroom property from $4,000

3 Bedroom property from $4,800

4 Bedroom property from $5,600

4 Bedroom + 2 Living from $7,000

We have a $3,000 minimum spend. All our packages include consultation, furniture rental, delivery, installation and collection.

We also offer a delayed payment option which you can read about here


Can you style my home if I'm living there? 

When it comes to styling for sale, our preference is always for an empty property. A blank canvas delivers the best results as the furniture and accessories are selected and installed as a cohesive package. Our professional stylists carefully position furniture, arrange accessories and make beds to create maximum impact and it is best if these remain undisturbed for the duration of the campaign. For clients who are living in their property or want to retain some furniture items, we can provide a ‘partial style’. We'll offer advice on what furniture should be removed or how your existing furniture can be rearranged and then bring in additional complementary items. These packages start from $3,000. We do not style rental properties that are tenanted.


Can I see what furniture and accessories you plan to use in my property? 

Your styling proposal includes a list of all the furniture and accessories we intend to use in your property. As we style approx. 30 properties each week, our stock is constantly changing and it's difficult to guarantee exactly what we'll have available on any given day. 

If there's a particular item you've seen on our website or instagram page that you'd like us to use, please flag it as early as possible with your senior stylist and we'll do our best to include it!

What is the Spatial Guarantee?

Our style guarantee means our clients can keep their styling until they sell, for up to 6 months. It's applicable to unoccupied, single residential dwellings only. It is not applicable to occupied properties, developments, display suites and relocations. To remain eligible, the property must be actively marketed, including a live online listing and a minimum of one scheduled and advertised open inspection per week. Inspections by appointment only will void the style guarantee.

If you fall outside this criteria, our senior stylists will discuss your property requirements and create a bespoke package to meet your needs. 

What are your payment terms?

Full payment is required via credit card when you accept your online proposal.

We also offer a delayed payment option, Spatial Pay Later. Through Spatial Pay Later, we can arrange for the cost of your styling to be delayed for up to 120 days, plenty of time to cover your campaign and settlement period. The application can be made in 3 minutes and is approved within 2 hours with no upfront or monthly payments.

Apply for Spatial Pay Later here.

What happens if we sell early? If your property sells earlier than expected, let us know and we will collect our furniture at a time that is convenient for you. We don’t offer refunds if furniture is collected early.


How does the styling process work?

We try to keep the process as simple as possible.

1. A senior stylist will view your property and provide a proposal based on your unique requirements.

2. Once the proposal has been approved and paid online, we’ll confirm your preferred date and time for installation.

3. On the day of installation, we need access to the property but no one is required to stay while we’re setting up. Installation can take a couple of hours up to a full day. 

4. Your styling package remains at your property until you sell or for the agreed duration. 

5. Once you've sold, we collect our furniture at a convenient time, leaving your home as we found it.

Where do your furniture and accessories come from? 

The Spatial warehouse is located in Chatswood and we own all the furniture and accessories we use. Our range is sourced both locally and internationally and includes custom made pieces, specially commissioned for styling.


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