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What is home staging?

Staging or styling a home is an artful process that involves cohesively tying together the key features of a property, making a presentable and aspirational home. The aim of home staging is to market a property to the right demographic of potential buyers, helping them picture themselves living and enjoying their life in the property - often even before they step foot inside! 


Why should I stage my home?

Unsurprisingly, home staging is recommended by professional real estate agents as it forms a piece of the puzzle for marketing the property to potential buyers. Professional property styling has been shown to significantly improve sales results, not only by increasing the price achieved but also by speeding up your sales campaign and selling your property faster.

A professional home staging or property stylist, such as Spatial Property Styling, will do their research on the area and the potential buyers, and plan their aesthetic approach accordingly. It’s not just a cookie-cutter approach - tricky floor plans and tight layouts can be minimised with strategic styling that focussed on maximising the natural flow of the home. 

Additionally, professional styling is particularly important for properties that have rooms that could serve multiple purposes. By furnishing a bare basement room as a comfortable rumpus room, it makes it easier for a buyer to see themselves living there.


Full staging vs. partial staging

Some vendors choose to “mix and match” furniture with their existing furniture, what is commonly referred to in the industry as a “partial style”. This can work well for vendors who are wanting to minimise the cost of home staging, however, it really relies upon the quality and aesthetic of their existing furniture being of a high standard. While it can help bring life into properties that have just the essential furniture, it’s less flexible and is less likely to be able to target a particular buyer persona or to combat a tricky floor plan.

Full styling is the preferred approach as it has maximum impact and allows your professional stylist to emphasise the character of a home. It allows full flexibility of the design approach, meaning your property will be showcased in the best possible light. The feeling of walking into a home with quality and well-maintained furniture speaks to the quality of the home itself, reassuring buyers that the investment will last them for many generations to come. 

How much does home staging cost?

The overall cost depends on the size of the property if there is an outdoor area or extra rooms (think a study, rumpus room or utility room) to furnish in addition to the regular rooms found in a house. Here in Sydney, a quality home styling package starts from $2,600 for a 1 bedroom property. 

When you factor how professional home staging elevates the photography and the overall marketing campaign for a property, as well as directly impacts the feeling all buyers have stepping through the doors, it’s easy to see how valuable this initial investment is to the overall outcome of a sales campaign. 

It’s important to note that professional home staging costs can vary greatly depending on the size of the property, so it’s always best to reach out to your chosen property stylist directly for a detailed proposal and quote. Here at Spatial Property Styling, this proposal can be provided by our Senior Stylists from just a floorplan or a video-walk through and is tailored to your home in order to achieve your desired outcomes.

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Now more than ever with today’s competitive market it’s vital for your property to stand out from the competition, and to appeal to your ideal buyer not just in person, but in print photographs and online as well. Professional home staging will maximise the return on investment for your sales campaign, attracting the right buyers to the open homes and ultimately to auction day. 

For more detailed and bespoke advice on how to style your home for sale, contact one of our Senior Stylists on 9417 7193.

Spatial Property Styling
By Spatial Property Styling